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Pecan Wood For Sale

Pecan Turning Wood

This section includes Pecan turning wood ranging from small rectangular blocks to larger and irregular bowl blanks. Most of the smaller blocks are entirely heartwood with only a small percentage of sapwood and little if any bark. Many of the larger blanks are half or whole-log pieces that generally contain the central pith and most of the sapwood and bark.

Most of these pieces are tight and fault-free, but some may contain shallow radial pith cracks and/or minor ring checks around the pith. I attempt to detail these flaws in the text for each piece. CA glue is usually used to reinforce such cracks before or during turning. Occasional small cracks and open and frass-filled beetle holes are also likely in these blocks and are considered "character attributes".

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Pecan Slabs and Other Interesting Pieces

When I cut trees and mill their logs, I am always on the lookout for slabs with interesting grain patterns that might be suitable for table tops, bar tops, and mantles, and for unusual pieces that would make interesting turnings. I have a few such Pecan slabs listed below.

These slabs typically contain bark inclusions, minor to major cracks and open and frass-filled beetle holes. I attempt to describe the slabs and their character features and obvious flaws in the text for each piece. When I use similar slabs for table tops, or artistic turnings, I generally use epoxy as a filler and to reinforce or enhance many of these features. Used clear, black stained or with decorative fillers, epoxy really adds to the beauty of the finished piece.

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