About the Wood

Texas Woodcrafts is a small, part-time wood working shop and sawmill. I harvest and mill most of my own timber, but do have limited amounts of surplus wood for sale. The wood available is primarily turning stock - intended for use on a lathe, but in some cases I have larger stock and miscellaneous dimensioned pieces.

Most of our wood is from southeast Texas and includes Honey Mesquite, Pecan, Texas Bodark (Osage Orange), Texas Huisache (Sweet Acacia), Hackberry and Oak (primarily Live and Water Oak). Occasionally we have other wood, including Black Cherry, Sycamore and Eastern Red Cedar and very occasionally, unusual species such as Redbud and Crepe Myrtle. The character and quality of some of these woods can be seen in turned pieces shown on our other website Prairie's End Woodshop.

All of the turning wood is green to partially air-dried. The ends are generally sealed to resist checking. The sizes of turning blocks and slabs range from small blocks to large bowl and crotch pieces. Many of the bowl blocks are sold with bark on for the turning of natural-edge bowls, if desired. The Mesquite is typically "gnarly and twisted" with numerous checks, bark inclusions and beetle holes. In the write-up of each of the listed turning pieces, we have tried to include a description of all of these visible flaws and "character features".

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